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IYT®Diamond Yoga Ambassador

IYT Diamond Yoga Ambassador


IYT® Yoga Ambassador is Free revolutionary program from International Yoga Organisation. IYT® Yoga Ambassador is the world’s biggest nomination of Yoga Ambassadors, for the welfare of our society. These IYT® Yoga Ambassadors have an elite reputation in Yoga.
We know that heavy demand exists for IYT® certification & studies in the Yoga Industry.
International Yoga Organisation is proud to certify & register for Free IYT® Yoga Ambassadors. IYT® Yoga Ambassador performance is impressive in the field of Yoga.
IYT® Yoga Ambassador Yoga performance and selfless service to our society was most pleasing. IYT® Yoga Ambassador hard work and Yoga training have paid off.. The IYT® Yoga Ambassador High Quality certification was the result of their accomplishment.

The IYT® Yoga Ambassador certification and nomination will be prominently displayed in this website.