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  • Shop-12, Aquarius Taurus CHSL, Jankalyan Nagar, Malad(West),Mumbai-95
    DR. RAUNAQUE’S YOGA ​ is now Affiliated and Registered with INTERNATIONAL YOGA ORGANISATION®️ and now DR. RAUNAQUE’S YOGA is IYS®️ International Yoga School under Govt of India Act.


    To know About this School, Contact +91 90672 38170

  • DETAILS OF THE SCHOOLDR. RAUNAQUE SIDANA is a Master Yogi with 1500 hrs of Experienced International Yoga Teacher®️, Yogic Science Teacher®️, Yoga Message Therapist®️ and Yoga Ambassador®️ of International Yoga Organisation®️. He has been honoured by Indian Yoga Vajra Award highest award of Yoga Competition organised by International Yoga Organisation®️ in the month of January 2023. His approach is patient, empathetic and energetic and is comfortable working with people of all age groups and has deep knowledge of asanas as well as relaxation and breathing techniques. He inspires others to improve their commitment to wellness and fitness.

    He also counsels to assist ‘Yogis or Yoginis’, to possess skills to modify the practice based on the their abilities, health issues and injuries.

    Since 2004 he has been conducting beginner, intermediate, advance and professional level Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes, training and workshops.

    He has trained and groomed more than 12K students and celebrities in India and abroad. Dr. Raunaque has created genuine relationship and goodwill with his students, members and followers to establish value as well as wellness educator. He promotes Yoga & Fitness with dedication and devotion.

    DR. RAUNAQUE’S YOGA is located in the city of dreams Mumbai, the financial capital of India. A peaceful compact studio, near the Arabian Sea, facilitates an ideal environment to learn, practice and perfect the Art of Yoga and go on to become an International Yoga Teacher. Dr. Raunaque’s Yoga is registered as International Yoga School®️ IYS®️ with International Yoga Organisation®️ conducts regular Yoga Classes of three levels Basic, Intermediate & Advance online & offline. As a registered International Yoga School®️ Dr Raunaque’s Yoga has been providing International Yoga Teacher®️ Training. Dr Raunaque’s Yoga provides a variety of Yoga classes for our members to customisable Yoga experience. We offer every Yogi and Yogini an inclusive and supportive environment. Our International Yoga Teachers have years of experience and expertise. We are very proud of our trained and certified Yoga students that they are teaching Yoga in schools, gyms, clubs and as freelancers too in India & abroad. Together we aim to create sanctity and serenity, harmony and peace.

Our Officially Certified IYT™International Yoga Teachers

Neelam Dahiya,Officially Certified IYT® International Meditation Teacher.
Leena Desai,Officially Certified IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 500 hours.
Name of the IYT® IYS®-International Yoga School Name IYT® Affiliations
Neelam Sagar Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 200 hours
Sangeeta Khokhar Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 500 hours
Sangeeta Khokhar Raunaque’s Yoga IYT® International Face Yoga Teacher
BISHNUMAYA THAPA Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Prenatal/Post-Natal Yoga
Dr BHAVANA YADAV Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yogic Science Teacher 500 hours
AVANTIKA SIDANA Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yogic Science Teacher 500 hours
SANGEETA KHOKHAR Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 200 hours
DR.BHAVANA YADAV Raunaque’s Yoga IYT®-International Psychotherapy Yoga Teacher