Avocados significantly improve blood sugar control

Could eating avocados help manage blood sugar in diabetes?

Avocados may significantly improve blood sugar control for some people, though not everyone, a new study suggests. *The study observed that for people with a newly identified metabolic biomarker of avocado intake, there is a strong association with decreased fasting glucose and fasting insulin, and a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes. *The study of body metabolites, or metabolomics, along with the study of one’s microbiome, may lead to a new era of personalized nutrition. *Dr Pawan Kumar Gupta* Alternative Medicine Ph.D. National Vice Coordinator International Human Rights Ambassador Organization, London. U.K. Yoga Therapist, Naturopath, Diabetes Educator, International Yoga Trainer, NDDY. Pavitram Nature Care. Dehradun-248001 Uttarakhand India.