IYO Face Yoga Asanas

If you don’t already do yoga, it would compliment your IYT Face Yoga practice really well, not only because of the direct benefits for the face but also because of the health and wellbeing benefits for the mind and body (which indirectly benefit the face too).

Before starting a yoga practice, you must listen to your body and never do anything which causes pain or discomfort. If you have any medical conditions, please check with your doctor before starting. An introduction on how certain types of poses can benefit you. For a full class, please visit an experienced qualified teacher.

We describe yoga as “cleaning out the tension” because after each practice we feel a such a shift in energy and a release of what is no longer serving me in mind, face and body. The moment we start any IYO yoga practice, we feel a sense of being our true self. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced same: peace,mindfulness and contentment.


Forward bends are known in yoga as the calming poses. Multiple studies

have shown that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety as well as

improving flexibility.


Forward bends are wonderful for encouraging fresh blood, oxygen and

nutrients toward the face to nourish and brighten the skin. They also help

release tension in the head, face and neck.


Back bends are known as the energizing poses. They are wonderful for

balancing out the hunched posture that phones, sofas and computers


The wonderful thing about backbends is that they allow the chest and lungs to

fully expand which encourages deep abdominal breathing.


Back bends are great for toning, lifting and firming the front of the neck and

jaw area. They also release shoulder and neck strain which can help to

reduce lines and loose skin on the lower face.


I like to call side bends the “making space” poses. They help create more

freedom and flow. After doing them you feel like you have created space to

move better, think better and breathe better. Evidence shows that yoga may

help to improve quality of life overall as well as reducing the secretion of

the major stress hormone cortisol.


Side bends encourage the muscles in the side of the face and neck to engage,

which can have a lifting effect. They also help to improve posture and reduce

head and neck strain.

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