Dr. Ravi Justin Raj NMD, LLB, MD(Clinical Naturopathy)
(Dean, Department of Electropathy, Sunrise University, Alwar
Director General-International Council of Electropathy(USA), South India
Chairman, Karunya Institute of Medical Science, Kanyakumari Dist)

Abstract: Electropathy is the Modern Herbal Medicine of 21st century and the system of medicine is based on
the Law of Nature. While providing Electropathy education program in our Karunya Institute of Medical
Science, Tamilnadu focus research and development of the precious medical system with enhancing the quality
of the life of our people both physical and mental. This is the right choice of the student with better
understanding of the new system of medicine. I take this opportunity to endless effects to make KIMS an ideal
Centre for continues learning and research for our students. We are working together to the development of
Integrative Medicine like Electropathy, Nutrition and Natural Medicine.
Life and health are in the blood and the lymph; that disease in the utilization of the blood or the lymph or of both

Keywords: Electropathy, Electrohomeopathy, Spagyric Medicine, Integrative Medicine


Electrohomeopathy is the name given to a new system
of medicine discovered by a famous Italian Count
Cesare Mattei in the later part of the 1800’s. Count
Mattei, the founder of Electrohomeopathy, was born
on the 11th January in the year of 1809
in Bologna City in Italy. He belongs to one of the
noblest families of learned town of Bologna.

Figure 1: Count Cesare Mattei

Source: Archivio Museo Cesare Mattei O.N.L.U.S,
After having studied natural science, he gave himself
up to anatomy, physiology and pathology. Then more
exclusively to chemistry and botany, after long and
patients research following a method of his own, he
discovered how to extract from certain plants the
active principles which, alone or combine, form the
agent in the new materiamedica. Numerous and
prolonged experiments upon the animal economy,
experiments made first of all upon the dogs, have
demonstrated the curative power of his remedies upon
the organism, and at the same time have proved that
they can never produce the slightest morbid alteration
either in the organs or their functions.
He believed in the, famous Paracelsus who introduced
“law of presence of electricity in vegetable kingdom”.
Thus convinced simultaneously of their immense
utility and of their perfectly innocuous character, the
count has applied to them with all confidence to all of
the human beings. Further, in order to observe closely
in numerable cases of disease, and the better to study
the effect of these remedies, he held in his mention
at Bologna, for more than ten years, public and private
consultations in the presence of physician and
surgeons who had attached themselves to him the
purpose of being present at the sitting.
It may be added of high person ages of all nations,
physicians and even large medical bodies. But
undoubtedly the German founder of Homoeopathy
Hahnemann (1755-1843) and his doctrine have non
the less influenced Mattei’s mind in his patients
researches, leading principle trying to investigate the
immediate effects of remedies and bring them into
practical service according to the familiar rule. On the
other hand, he borrowed from Paracelsus the process
of preparing the vegetable substances by means of a
more or less complicated mode of fermentation, called
“Spagyrism”, and also the final combination of a
number of ingredients with similar or supplementary
effect to form a complex medicinal unity.
Mattei had written his first book in 1874 in Italian
language, which was then published in other
languages. He has applied himself in his lifetime to
the discovery of MateriaMedica capable of modifying;
not only the manifestation or symptoms of disease, but
also their principle, or to speak better their first cause.
It is by means of a theory the simple, with curative
agents which he called Electricity in the remedies (Bio
enzyme), so elementary that everyone may cure
himself and his medicine is certainly the medicine of
the future.
He died on 3rd of April 1896 at the
magnificent castle of La Rochetta, situated in the heart
of the Apennines. If there are but few honest hearts in
this world, there is still enough remaining to bless his
memory. During mattei life time when the Count
Mattei aged in 1887 he handed over all his work to his
adopted son Mario Venturoli Mattei. Later on after the
First world War Mattei remedies were stopped to
export from Italy, then V. Mattei made the agreement
with the German Pharmist and Theodore Karuss to
sell mattei remedies via Engel Apotheker Regensburg
in Germany. This System later on becomes more
popular & recognized than ever by his disciple
Theodore Krauss.

PLANT NUTRIENTS It is the primary
source of Eh Med.
MACRONUTRIENTS Nitrogen(n), phosphorus(p),
potassium(k), calcium(ca), sulphur(s),
MICRONUTRIENTS Boron(B), Chlorine(Cl),
Manganese(Mn), Iron(Fe), Zinc(Zn), Copper(Cu),
Molybdenum(Mo), Nickel (Ni)
And trace elements etc.


According toElectropathy the disease diagnosed by

  1. LymphaticTemperament
  2. SanguineTemperament
  3. MixedTemperament
  4. PaleFace
  5. SlugishBloodCirculation
  6. PoorApetite
  7. Anemia
  8. SkinDiseases
  9. GlandularSwelling
  10. Obesity
  11. Blindpiles
  12. Rheumatism
  13. StrongPules
  14. FirstCirculation
  15. HeavinessinHead
  16. Headache
  17. Vertigo
  18. RinginginEars
  19. BleedingPiles
  20. Hemorrhages
  21. Vivid Complexion
  22. VericosVeins
  23. Epistaxis

  24. The Series of Metabolic Remedies
    Primarily takes effect on the organs working for the
    exterior assimilation as well as gastric intestinal canal
    with glandular appendage, then secondarily on those
    organs and tissues being usefully combined with
    them, which works for the interior assimilation, and
    last, but not least universally or constitutionally
    through the influence of these important organic
    functions on the whole organisms, that’s why it is
    called universal remedy.
    Cochlearia Cp.(S1)
    Universal remedy for the entire metabolism, stomach,
    intestines with glandular appendage, secreting,
    stimulating metabolism and appetite, if regularly used
    it influences in an extra ordinary favorable way the
    whole constitution. Strengthening, cleaning,
    decontaminating and purifying the lymph.
    Lycopodium Cp.(S2)
    Bladder, catarrhs of kidney, liver and gall bladder,
    gastric glands, intestinal mucous membranes with
    constipation, piles, gall stones. Heartburn as far as this
    appears as a result of a disturbed gall secretion.
    Scrphularia Cp.(S3)
    Dermatoid and hypodermic cellular tissue eruptions,
    chronic herpes(dry and discharging ones), the sensible
    nervous system, nervousness. Intestinal mucous
    membrane, colitis, eczema, neuro dermatitis.
    Sarasaparilla Cp.(S4)
    Catarrh diseases of the kidneys and mainly act over
    the bladder and urinary tract infections. Chronic
    inflammatory intestine diseases and gall stone
    Berberis Cp.(S5)
    Liver, formation of the bile, secreting uric acid, skin
    and hypodermic cellular tissue with acute eruptions,
    eczema and Production of the gall secretion, Joint
    Solidago Cp.(S6)
    Remedy for stones in the kidneys, arteriosclerosis and
    dropsy. Improve the kidney function, nephritis.
    Diuretic, deposit in the joints, gout.
    Malva Cp.(S7)
    Acute, inflammatory diseases of the assimilation
    apparatus, stomach gland mucous membranes
    Malva Cp.(S8)
    Assimilation, formation of blood, green sickness and
    anaemia with bad nourishment or in convalescence
    Natstarium Cp.(S9)
    Nervous troubles of the gastric and intestinal canal,
    functional debility of the liver, insufficient secretion
    of the bile. Colitis ulcers (crohn’s diseases). Diseases
    of the spleen especially spleen swelling feverish skin
    Centaturium Cp.(S10)
    It is act on the nervous gastric indigestion and acute
    diseases, symptoms of colds, migraine. Infection and
    cold illness, hyper acidity, Cramps and colic, heart
    burns. Food allergy.
    Lobelia Cp.(S11)
    Pharynx and gastric nerves, nausea, retching,
    vomiting. As well as nausea and vomiting of pregnant
    women, similar indisposition’s at railway, in the
    travelling and sea trips, vomiting with sick headache
    or migraine.
    Eupharsia Cp.(S12)
    Special remedy for eyes, for external and internal use,
    catarrhs, inflammations of the conjunctiva.
    Aloe Cp.(SLASS)
    This is laxative, nervine and anti scrofulous remedy,
    its act on the intestinal mucous membranes,
    intestinal nerves and intestinal glands.
    The Series of Pettorale Remedies
    It acts influencing the respiratory organs, stands
    between the series of blood remedies and that of tissue
    Adiantum Cp.(P1)
    Generally influencing the respiratory organs,
    windpipe, bronchial ways, cough, catarrh and
    shortness of breath caused by obstruction with
    Phellamdrium Cp.(P2)
    Catarrh indispositions of the respiratory organs,
    especially requiring the elimination of viscous
    mucous, marvellous results on the chest TB.
    Drosera Cp.(P3)
    Inflammation of Trachea and its ramifications,
    catarrhs, cough, whooping cough, bronchial asthma,
    chief remedy for females and children’s.
    Ipecacuanha Cp.(P4)
    Nerves of the respiratory tracks, convulsive cough,
    nervous asthma, shortness of breath,
    geriatricasthma,best remedy for the old peoples.
    Teucrium Cp.(P5)
    Constitutional indisposition’s of the respiratory
    organs, actions on the lungs, pulmonary cells,
    bronchia, it more effect hereditary tuberculosis
    Eucalyptus Cp.(P6)
    Bronchia’s, pulmonary vesicles, mild bronchial
    Galeopsis Cp.(P7)
    Acute, intensive forms of inflammations of the
    bronchial ways accompanied by violent hectic fever or
    bloody sputum.
    Glechoma Cp.(P8)
    Chronicle bronchial catarrh with slight rising of
    temperature, viscous expectoration.
    Polygala Cp.(P9)
    Feverish, acute forms of the bronchial catarrhs with
    convulsive cough and vomiting of phlegm
    The Series of Lymph Remedies
    Its influences the lymphatic ways and the organs being
    charged to prepare, purify and move the lymph and
    the entire liquid between the tissues.
    Echinacea Cp.(L1)
    The whole lymphatic system, states of decomposition
    of the lymph and blood, nervous debility spasms,
    glands and their tumours and inflammations. Chronic
    eruptions, hernias and mastitis.
    Abrotanum Cp.(L2)
    Metabolism, lymph and blood, which are influencing
    the whole current of humours. chronics dermatitis,
    loss of appetite and general weakness.
    The Series of Nerve Remedies
    It’s a far vaster effect than its name suggests and
    chiefly influences the whole, unconsciously
    working nervous apparatus, the sympathetic nerve
    centres and nerve braids, brain and spinal marrow. It
    chiefly affects nervous troubles in the circulation of
    the blood, in the peripheral vascular system as well as
    nervous derangement’s of the heart, besides
    interruptions in the regulation of temperature,
    production of sweat, the functions of our liver and of
    the other organs connected with the regulation of the
    metabolism and power balance.
    Aconite Cp.(F1)
    The whole vegetative nervous apparatus, hypo
    tension, nervous derangements of heart, production of
    sweat, diluted doses in fevers, palpitations and
    nervous conditions.
    Cinchona Cp.(F2)
    Remedy for Peripheral nerves, chiefly for external
    use. Neuralgia’s, itching of the skin, sensitiveness,
    spasms and spleen.
    Caulophyllum Cp.(C1)
    The entire complex of gland, general remedies of the
    cellular tissues of an extremely vast effect, which
    influences the decomposition, the wrong composition
    of tissue cells. Chronic catarrh of the nose and throat.
    Hormonal disturbances and Irregular menstrual
    cycle.specific for female genital organs.
    Equistetum Cp.(C2)
    Bladder and infection of the urinary passages, cystitis,
    haemorrhoids. Jelly-like and gelatinous sediments in
    tissues and joints. Also act on liver and gall bladder.
    Mezerum Cp.(C3)
    Remedy for skin, intestines and Glands. Inflammatory
    and allergic dermatitis and psoriasis. Colitis ulcer,
    Symphytum Cp.(C4)
    Specific remedy for Bone-tissue and joints, rickets,
    injuries of the bone, gouty sediments in joints and
    muscles, breaking and splintering of nails, fall and
    loss of hair. Teeth and their insufficient growth, Caries
    of teeth, inflammation and catarrhs
    Conium Cp.(C5)
    Anti-Inflammative, remedy for Skin and glands
    especially liver, venous system, rheumatic
    indisposition’s of muscles and joints, , Acute eczema,
    goitre, and prostate gland.
    Vincetoxicum Cp.(C6)
    Structural Remedy for the kidney and Urinary system.
    Itsregulate the mineral metabolism, arteriosclerosis
    and gout. Renal anaemia and cataract.
    Milfoilium Cp.(C7)
    Disease of the venous system and degeneration in the
    veins, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and boils. Also
    acts on the Cramps, chronic inflammations and
    insufficiency of right side of the heart.
    Chelodonium Cp.(C8)
    Remedy for the Glands and mucous membranes of the
    gastric and intestinal system, especially liver and gall.
    Pancreatic gland, large intestine and great gut. Portal
    veinAlso acts on chronic constipation, gall stone,
    diabetes mellitus.
    Pulsatilla Cp.(C9)
    Remedy for Serious derangements of nourishment’s
    and metabolism. Stomach, lymph organs, glands, liver
    and decomposition of blood connected with them.
    Stomach abscess and Nourishment accompanying in
    Podophyllum Cp.(C10)
    Nervous troubles of gastric intestinal canal, large and
    small intestine, great gut, liver, gall bladder. Chronic
    constipation, warts, cyst and swelling, Cholecystitis.
    RhusTox Cp.(C11)
    Remedy for Venous system, liver, gall, skin, and
    muscles. It is of extensive effects owing to its
    combination, for internal as well as external use in all
    states of decomposition, diatheses, particularly in uric
    diathesis, gout, rheumatism and stone. Arthritis and
    rheumatoid arthritis.
    Sanguinaria Cp.(C12)
    Acute inflammatory diseases of the mucous
    membrane and glands. Congestion, carbuncle in the
    first stage
    Ailantus Cp.(C13)
    Remedy for the pharynx, tonsils, laryngitis and
    gulletcatarrhs. Diphtheria, tonsillitis, sinusitis and
    inflammation of the nose
    Belladona Cp.(C14)
    Remedy for theacute inflammation of pharynx,
    feverish derangement of the pharynx, catarrh of the
    upper bronchial ways
    Condurango Cp.(C15)
    Gastric remedy, special gastric remedy, peritoneum
    and predisposition to rupture elastic tissues of the
    abdominal muscles, Hernia.
    Nux vomica Cp.(C16)
    Remedy for the gastric problems, serious gastric
    diseases and general interruptions of assimilation and
    decompositions of blood owing to such gastric
    Rhusaromatic Cp.(C17)
    Remedy for Contractor of the bladder, retention of
    urine, bubble in the bladder and enuresis nocturnal.
    Avena Cp.(A1)
    Arterial system, heart, excitant, increasing cardiac
    power, negative dilution against active hyperaemia,
    Hamamelis Cp.(A2)
    Being high potenced against passive hyperaemia
    owing to interruptions in the venous circulations,
    vericose veins disposition for bleeding of the nose
    Hydratitis Cp.(A3)
    Remedy for Blood especially red blood corpuscles,
    convalescence and formation of blood, deficiency of
    blood and general debility, especially of children.
    Chlorosis after loss of blood and the illness
    consummating the body, marasmus, nervous affection
    caused by under nourishment or anaemia and
    The Series of Intestinal Remedies
    Different diseases are often connected with the
    intestinal worms or of monocular microscopically
    microbes. These ones essentially develop and breed
    because of an interrupted metabolism and an
    indisposition’s of the various tissues; The intestinal
    remedies stimulate the disinfecting made by ones own
    body, influence the intestines by purging and
    secreting, regulate the stools, in an especially
    favourable way with chronicle constipation through
    stimulating the intestinal glands and peristaltic. They
    are acting against worms by cutting the essential
    condition that is the morbidly transformed contents of
    the intestines
    Allium Cp.(VERM1)
    Remedy for all the parasites and microbes especially
    in the intestines, infection in the acute stage of
    intestinal region, diarrhoea.Infectious diseases,
    especially in the acute stage.
    Tanacetum Cp.(VERM2)
    Chronicle disposition for being attacked by Microbes.
    Infections in the chronic stages.
    The Series of Constitutional Remedies
    It is an old fact founded on experience that by the
    constant effects of heavy damages, especially by
    serious diseases or by the abuse of alcoholic and
    narcotic poisons the inherited constitution of a man
    may degenerate so that the worst constitutional defects
    are transmitted to his descendants. The constitution
    remedy is the chiefly remedy to fight such hereditary
    constitutional defects. It is one of the most universal,
    remedies generally to ameliorate our constitution, and
    therefore, extremely valuable also for supporting all
    the specific remedies. Combined with them, it may by
    use against all chronicle diseases, especially
    constitutional ones.
    Thuja Cp.(VEN1)
    Remedy calculated generally to better constitution,
    metabolism, circulation of blood and lymph, chronic
    dermatitis and rashes. Bladder catarrh.
    Steffensia Cp.(VEN2 )
    It act on Bladder and its mucous membrane, Chronicle
    catarrh of the bladder and bubble in the kidney.
    Phytolacca Cp.(VEN3)
    Remedy for the Glands and mucous membrane and
    skin. Chronic inflammatory skin diseases i.e Colitis
    ulcers, intestine polyp.
    Clematis Cp.(VEN4)
    chronic Skin diseases, stomatitis and abscess.
    Vinca minor Cp.(VEN5)
    chronic eczema, rashes, psoriasis and neuro
    The Series of FLUIDS
    The Fluids are remedies prepared to influence the
    balance of nervous pluses. Our brain is the centre of
    nervous impulse. It contains millions of ganglion cells
    like stations for producing and in nerve power. But
    also directing important organs outside our brain,
    especially those situated in and next our organs of
    sense and our entrails, in our heart and intestines, in
    the big digestive glands there are numerous ganglions
    cells of such as kind, often combined in vast
    complexes to ganglions. The outer stations are also
    used for producing and directing nerve power. All
    these power and switching stations are connected to
    one another and to the big centres in our brain through
    conducting, the so called nerve fibres, which often
    combined like cables, run in thinner or thicker cords
    through all the parts of our body.
    CapsellaCp.(BE FLUID)
    Innervations of the arterial system through internal
    and external use, If doses undiluted, it is stimulant and
    boost the system as a tonic, but if diluted it is sedative.
    All sorts of internal or external bleeding. Regulation
    of the heart activity and the circulation (undiluted:
    stimulating / diluted: calming). Undiluted dose act on
    Low blood pressure diluted dose act on high blood
    pressure. Bleeding piles and acute inflammations.
    Populus Cp.(GE FLUID)
    The venous system, It is employed against chronically
    ulcerating wounds, such as fistula, boils of the
    varicose veins, haemorrhoids, besides against
    ulcerating angina and gumboils to rinse one’s mouth,
    against abscess, Chronicle rheumatic pains and
    arteriosclerosis processes. Chronic inflammations of
    the skin and mucous membranes i.e. the intestine
    mucous membranes, catarrh, Cystitis. Non bleeding
    piles, chronic wet eczema and gall bladder and urinary
    bladder, Stomatitis, Gingivitis. Arthritis and gout.
    Viscum Cp.(WE FLUID)
    Exhaustion condition, neurosis, pains, insomnia in
    diluted doses. Neuralgia (external at forehead, neck
    and on painful places). Headache, migraine,
    menstruation troubles, chest pain during the period
    (external as an ointment). Neurasthenia with increased
    RhondereonCp.(RE FLUID)
    Stimulant. Arousing nervous activity accelerating vital
    processes, therefore the remedy for phlegmatic
    persons. To be used against troubles of inner
    secretion, diseases of the joints and all the states of
    debility and paralisation, particularly in order to
    prevent paralisation to defective nervous activity. It
    serves for local stimulation and sympathises with the
    metabolism remedies.
    Sambucus Cp.(YE FLUID)
    Sedative, diminishing organic functions, to be
    employed against all conditions of excitement and
    irritation. For internal and external use, above all
    against spasms of the gastric intestinal canal and of
    the gall bladder. Its effects correspond to the febrifugo
    and vermifugo remedies. States of intense psychic
    excitement. Muscular convulsions, tickling cough,
    frequent change between excitement and relaxing at
    all nervous and psychic indisposition doses of YE and
    RE are of a very favourable effect if alternatively
    Arnica Cp. (APP)It influences dermal nerves and cutaneous glands, the tropic derangements of the skin. It is employed not only as a remedy in the diseases, but it is also suitable admixed as a cosmetic, for the care of the skin, to the water for washing, to the soap and ointments, besides,combined with Euphrasia or S12, it has a beneficial effects on the eyes.

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