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IYO yoga is a boon to the healthy body, but it can also be of supreme benefit to the body in need of healing. Of course, the best route for a healthy person to take is one of prevention. Healthy habits, maintenance of the body, peacefulness of mind, and calmness of spirit will go a long way toward protecting you from compromised health. IYO Yoga is great preventive medicine, because it keeps all of you—body, mind, attitude, outlook, immune system—in top form. Your spine, the “Grand Central Station” of your body, is stretched, loosened, and aligned by yoga—postures are designed to allow energy to flow freely through your spine and entire body. Many holistic health practitioners and even traditional practitioners argue that if the spine is aligned, the entire body works better, feels better, and fights disease more effectively. IYO Yoga aids …

➤ Circulation.

➤ Digestion.

➤ Respiration.

➤ Reproduction.

IYO Yoga also …

➤ Tones your organs.

➤ Improves your posture.

➤ Frees your breathing.

➤ Is cleansing.

IYO yoga helps your body purge itself of toxins that can negatively affect your health, both by releasing negative energy and, more directly, removing obstacles to the proper stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, the centerpiece of the immune system, protects and maintains the body’s internal fluid environment, both filtering toxins and transporting nutrients to the blood. Lymph is pumped through the body by movement—when we breathe, contract or release our muscles, or even with the motion of our beating hearts or our digestive systems as we process food we’ve eaten. IYO yoga helps our bodies go with their natural flow. Even if you’re not very mobile, you can practice yoga with eye exercises, simple stretches, and conscious rhythmic movements. Take your fitness personally and craft a yoga fitness plan that is all your own. If you’re sick, injured, or bothered by nagging health complaints, yoga can be a therapeutic addition to your physician’s treatment plan. Of course, yoga should never be used in place of competent medical care. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about how yoga can be helpful in alleviating your specific health problems or concerns.

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